Friday, 7 June 2013

Turn the Volume Up, Listen to the Voice of the Resistance

In the last couple of days, the people of Istanbul have been the subject of important chemical experiments!
The protest by merely a couple of ecologists and anti-capitalists to protect Gezi Parki (a park containing more than 400 trees which the government aims to turn into a mall!), located in the heart of Istanbul, Taksim Square, has sparked a nation-wide popular resistance movement against the brutal attacks of the adequately equipped yet inadequately humane Turkish police and the pillaging of public space in the interests of capital.
This resistance is not being televised!
Yet it keeps expanding.
A resistance against a decade of usurpation of the people's most basic democratic rights, against the chauvinistic and the interfering attitude (the restraint on the consumption of alcohol, the intimacy restrictions [i.e. kissing, holding hands], the restriction regarding abortion issues, the prime minister's demand for "at least" three children) of the government which has hitherto attempted to disperse all dissident voices by resorting to extreme violence.
This page shall attempt to convey the narration of a resistance, being upheld by millions and which can potentially shift the balance of forces in our country from the eyes of those who are continuing the resistance on the streets.
And we, who personally are participants of resistance, have set forth to disseminate healthy and reliable information on what has been going on in Turkey, as the people struggle on barricades, in their neighborhoods, in their parks. Naturally, as the main stream media broadcasts various documentaries regarding arctic fauna and turns a blind eye to the actual event, the people of the world have a right to know events unfolding in Turkey.
This is our story, or yours!
De Te Fabula Narratur!
We greet you with our smoke signals, or whatever they use on us!
P.S.: Excuse our English we have been exposed to excessive amounts of chemical gas and police brutality.


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