Sunday, 9 June 2013

Updated: Police Attacks in Ankara

Police attacks have started in Ankara. After a day long peaceful protests police have started attacking the protestors. As if now, police is attacking protestors with tear gas and water cannons. Arrests are being reported.

21.18 Tens of thousands of protesters gathered in Kugulu Park.

21.40 Police is attacking the demonstrators with tear gas and water cannons in Kizilay square, Ankara. Some arrests reported.

21.45 Police is barricading the streets in Adana, getting prepared for intervention.

21.55 As police brutally attacks the protestors in Kizilay square Ankara, thousands are gathering in Dikmen, Ankara.

22.52 Around 20.000 people from various neighbourhoods in Dikmen (Ankara) have gathered at the intersection of the Dikmen and Emeç avenues.

22.59 The police in Kızılay have once again targeted news reporters. The following is a tweet by Evrensel reporter Hasan Akbaş:

#direnankara The police in Ankara have once again targeted journalists. We, the reporters of Radikal, Evrensel, DİHA, BirGün and Bianet reacted to this only to face face the threats of the police officers. The officers apologised at first then said "you should be glad that you are still able to walk. Net time we will shoot you in the heels. Don't forget us, for we will not be forgetting you." Later the officers explained that the reason for their agressiveness was that they had not slept for days.

23.04 The clashes in Ankara have spread to Kurtuluş Square. Police are reportedly using immense amounts of gas. Panzers have arrived.

23:38 Thousands of people once again assembled on Kennedy Street, Ankara.

00.47 The police are shooting gas canisters on Kennedy Street.

02.40 Police attacked the demonstrators gathered on Kennedy Street with blast bombs, tear gas and water cannon one more time. As of now the police is chasing and beating down whoever they find on streets.

The following are pictures from Ankara:

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