Friday, 21 June 2013

Raise the Solidarity, Commemorate the Fallen Comrades!

"Those who died,
                        died in fight;
                                        were buried to the sun.
We have no time to mourn for them!

                        There is a raid
                                         a raid to the sun!
                        We will conquer the sun
                                        seizure is imminent!

                                                                               Nâzim Hikmet

They, who died not in fear, cried out their last breaths altogether, fighting the monster!
They, who died in agony, smiled for the last time confronting the enemy!
They, who died were Mehmet, Ethem and Abdullah, died climbing up the stairs to the sun!

Let us walk past them, until we reach the horrizon! Let us take the torch out of their hands, and carry it on

We call everyone to commemorate all our fallen comrades in the Taksim Square, on 22nd, at 7 pm.

Occupied Taksim

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