Sunday, 9 June 2013

Updated: Tens of Thousands of People Surrounded the Gazi Police Station

Note: Within the last 8 days, over 300 people were injured in the Gazi resistance, 2 in critical condition due to head injuries.

Gazi Neighborhood, famous for its continuos resistance against the fascist state and the police once again revolted against the oppressors.

According to the latest update on the events that have been going on in the Gazi Neighborhood ceaselessly for about 7 days indicate that the police station is surrounded by tens of thousands of people.

Intense clashes between the police and the protestors have been taking place in the Gazi Neighborhood for 7 days. Barricades are once again being collectively erected by the people. Reports indicate that some protestors are in critical condition. One of which is claimed to be shot dead by the police.

Here are some videos on what has been happening in the Gazi neighborhood.

People of Gazi resisting the police with molotov coctails and fireworks!