Saturday, 22 June 2013

22nd of June Tens of Thousands Gather in Taksim Square, Police Attack With Water Cannons [Updated]

Police Attack Taksim Square Update:

21:37 Police have attacked the crowd assembled near Harbiye.

Groups of police are holding the entrances to the square. They are not letting anyone inside.

The past days of the week, Istanbul had been relatively peaceful since the police stopped their attacks on the people. Today, thousands gathered in Taksim Square, to commemorate those who were murdered by the police over the past couple of weeks.

The crowd placed red carnations in Gezi Park and the monument in Taksim.

Later, around 20:40 the police attacked with water cannons – surprisingly- without gas. The people have moved to Istiklal Street and Siraselviler Street, still waiting to reclaim their square.

Will be updated.

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