Thursday, 13 June 2013

13th of June: As the Prime Minister Continues Threatening the Demonstrators The People Have Filled the Streets Once Again


Updated 00.19:  Police are attacking demonstrators on Kennedy Street (Ankara).

-Thousands of people assembled in Taksim square are listening to a piano concert by David Mortello.

-In the city of Zonguldak, hundreds of people are on the streets to show their solidarity with Taksim.

-The people of the Gazi Quarter (Istanbul) assembled in front of the people's platform on Ismet Pasa Street. They called Gezi Park and heard about the developments in Taksim. Later, they marched on Ismet Pasa Street, chanting "Side by Side Against Fascism," "Tayyip Must Resign," and "The Government Must Resign."


-The people of Bakirkoy (Istanbul) are marching, chanting slogans.

-In Eyüp, a conservative neighbourhood of Istanbul, a crowd of more than 2000 people have gathered and are chanting anti-government slogans.

- Maltepe Square (Istanbul) is full of people and the number of people participating in the protest is growing steadily.


-Hundreds of people assembled in Batıkent (Ankara) are chanting anti-government slogans in spite of the heavy rain.

-The people of Adana have gathered in Atatürk Park to commemorate those who were killed by police forces during the protests.

-The People of Kadıköy and Moda (Istanbul) are on the streets carrying placards bearing the words "Do Not Bow Down."


-The people of Kartal (Istanbul) are on the streets. A crowd of more than 3000 people are chanting "Resist Taksim, Kartal is With You" and "Side by Side Against Fascism."


-The people of Sarigazi (Istanbul) have marched on Demokrasi Street and have formed a people's platform in solidarity with Taksim.


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