Friday, 7 June 2013

Demands of the Taksim Solidarity!

These are the most basic four principal demands of the resistance;

1) Gezi Parki should remain as a park, not to be turned into a mall and an official statement must be issued stating that Gezi Parki will remain as a park.

2) That those who have issued the order for the excessive use of tear gas, pepper spray, gas bombs and other chemical substances, and those who have put these orders into practice to be held accountable for their actions and to be tried. Those who have resorted to torture and brutal violence should be sentenced accordingly. And all those who are responsible, including governors and chiefs of police who are responsible for these acts of abuse (first and foremost those responsible for the death of four of our fellow demonstrators, those in Istanbul, Ankara and Hatay) to be sentenced accordingly. A ban on the use of gas bombs and similar chemical materials.

3) The immediate release of protestors who have been arrested all over the country for participating in these rightful and legitimate demonstrations and an official statement that no investigations to be held against them.

4) The ban on right to assembly, to hold public demonstrations, press conferences, press declarations and all sorts of democratic meetings to be abolished and all squares to be opened to public demonstrations.

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