Thursday, 27 June 2013

Introducing the Turkish Police - 1 - TOMA


The abbreviation for "Social Intervention Vehicle".

For those who are not familiar with what the Turkish police utilizes, besides resorting the primitive means of torture, we introduce you one of the easiest vehicles to operate to disperse the crowds. Furthermore, not knowing what exactly a "social intervention" is, we recommend you some footage showing how these vehicles are put into operation.

Here are some features of TOMA.
  • Water Cannon System
  • 60 m water stream range
  • 3 different operational modes: short/long/continuous pulse
  • Different combinations of water, dye, tear gas and foam mixtures
  • Vehicle Protection Systems
  • High ballistic protection
  • Cabin protection against tear gas
  • Bulldozer
  • CCTV system, video recorder system
  • Protection Cages
  • Fire ertinguishing foam nozzles

Also you can run people over with it, if you are a salaried monkey.

Or else, pose for the cameras:

Sometimes their pour acid in it and claim it to be "medicine".

Or to water cannon the handicapped!

Or just to express their hatred to the people.

But guys, don't get demoralized no TOMA can stand before the anger of the people. We introduce you the POMA (Intervention Vehicle to the Police):

And another invention, People's TOMA, aka TOMA-HALK:

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