Thursday, 27 June 2013

[Updated] New Arrests in Ankara

[10.56] The prosecutor did not allow the families to see their children. Families are now heading towards the prison to see them for the last time.

[10.55] "The Reckoning Day Will Be Horrifying for You!" chants the families and the friends of the arrestees, as they are being sent to prison.

[10.50] Arrestees are now being sent to the Sincan F Type Prison.

[08.30] Reports indicate that the number of police officers in the courtyard of the Ankara Courthouse is doubled.

[08.35] Urgent Call from Kazova Tekstil Workers!! 

"We, as Kazova Tekstil workers have just occupied our factory. We call for our people and the press to come here to support us!"

[08.30] 3 arrests in Adana, are being reported.

[08.15] Families and friends of the arrestees are still waiting in the courtyard of the Ankara Courthouse to see their children one last time before they are sent to the Sincan F Type Prison.

[07.45] The police is filming the families and friends of the arrestees gathered in front of the Ankara Courthouse.

[07.40] The Turkish police smiles in front of the families of the arrestees, right after 13 has been arrested!

The families of the arrestees chant, "The Murderers Will Face the Reckoning!"

[07.30] Out of 19 who stood trial: 13 has been arrested, 5 released on parole, 1 release in Ankara without any tangible evidence.

Total number of arrestees reached 35 in total, in Ankara.

Live Stream from the Ankara Courthouse:

The Flame of Our Hearts Will Melt the Prison Walls Down!

Will be updated!

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