Sunday, 9 June 2013

Gas Bombs: Making People Bilingual for the Past Decade

Apparently, excessive use of chemical substances on the people turns certain individuals bilingual. The following link contains footage of a chief of polics shouting orders in English just before giving the order to shoot gas canisters at the people in the Gazi Neighbourhood (exposed to too many Hollywood movies? Perhaps):

Yet apparently, the winds have carried the chemical fumes past the Mediterranean Sea towards Catalonia. The following is the speech by a PM of the Catalan party Popular Unity Candidates speaking Turkish (from 0:23, translation underneath):

Translation: Mr. Erdoğan, we have a message for you. Turkey is not a police state, it is a state governed by law. The duty of the prime minister is not merely serving his own supporters, it is to serve the entire people. We stand against the suppression of democratic rights, restraints on personal freedoms, oppressive regimes and violence!

You, who are participating in the resistance all over Turkey; the Catalan people send you their wholehearted support and solidarity.

Side by side, against fascism!