Wednesday 17 July 2013

[Updated] Clashes Break Out in Adana, 17th of June

00.10 The police is forced out of the Akkapi Quarter, Adana by the people.

23.30 The police water cannons the houses in Adana. People of Adana out on the streets on the 7th day of Ali Ismail's murder.

23.25 Protestors re-build the broken barricades after police attacked and failed to disperse the crowd.

Clashes broke out in Adana between the protestors who are determined to commemorate the martyrs of the resistance and the police.

Police attacked the crowd with water cannons, tear gas and rubber bullets. The protestors do not knuckle under the vulgar and brutal police attacks.

Saturday 13 July 2013

Protests in Istanbul, Ankara and Antioch

* TMMOB (Union of Chambers of Turkish Engineers and Architects) members held large protests against the unlawful budget cuts and de facto disabling of the chamber in Ankara and Istanbul.

* Without any substantial reason the police attacked the protestors in Istiklal Avenue with water cannons, tear gas and rubber bullets. Clashes continue in the side streets.

* The people of Antioch started gathering in the Ugur Mumcu square to commemorate the martyrs of the resistance. Antioch was the hometown of Ali Ismail Korkmaz and Abdullah Comert.

Friday 12 July 2013

[Updated] Clashes in Antioch, 12th of July

04.00 Clashes seem to be over in Antioch. 10 slightly wounded, no arrests after one of the fiercest nights.

01.20 Inhabitants of Armutlu throw their furniture out from the windows to help the protestors build barricades.

01.00 As clashes continue, barricades are being set ablaze.

00.35 1 water cannon vehicle (TOMA) is desctructed by a water tank thrown from a rooftop.

23.25 The police and armed vehicles cannot get through the barricades erected by the people of Armutlu. Inhabitants of Armutlu and the protestors throw balloons filled with olive oil to water cannons. Protestors fire fireworks to the police.

23.10 The police threatens the people watching the clashes from their rooftops to go up there, shoots gas cannisters to the rooftops.

23.00 One protestor is arrested. Police is forcing its way through the side streets with scorpions (armed army vehicles).

22.40 The police attacked the rally organized for Ali Ismail Korkmaz with water cannons (TOMAs), tear gas and stun grenades.

Thursday 11 July 2013

Fascists Attack the Public Forum in Kocamustafapasa


[Updated] Clashes Break Out in Ankara and Antioch

Footafe from Antioch, tonight.

Photos from Antioch, tonight.

[02.30] The police is driven out of the streets, neighborhood watches are started. 1 person is blinded during the clashes and another one is in critical condition due to a blow on the head caused by a gas cannister.

[23.12] Police attack started in Ankara.

Live Stream:

[22.54] Protestors clash with the police in Armutlu, Antioch. Reports indicate there are many wounded, one in critical condition.

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KKE: On the Arrests of Turkish Militants

The KKE denounces the ongoing state repression and the persecution against organizations of the people’s movement, cadres and members of parties and organizations on the part of the Erdogan government.

We denounce, in particular, the new police operation in Gezi Park, which led to the mass arrests of members of the CC and other cadres of the CP of Turkey, the Party of Labour (EMEP) and mass organizations.

The representatives of capital and its power are deeply mistaken if they believe that it is possible to suppress in this way the people’s resistance against exploitation, oppression and repression, which go hand in hand with capitalism

The KKE expresses its determined solidarity with the all the struggling Turkish people. We demand the immediate release of those arrested and the removal of every restriction on free trade union and political activity.

ATHENS 11/7/2013 

Wednesday 10 July 2013

We Lost Ali!

Ali Ismail Korkmaz, a 19 year old university student was attacked by "unidentified" perpetrators on 2nd of June, after running away from the police attack to a peaceful protest in Eskisehir. From that day to this he was in coma.

We lost him today.

He was killed by the "heroes of the Prime Minister", as Erdogan chooses to define the "unidentified".

Whether the police or the "White Youth" of Erdogan killed him, the peoples of Turkey know who the real murderers are.

"Those who died,
                        died in fight;
                                        were buried to the sun.
We have no time to mourn for them!

                        There is a raid
                                         a raid to the sun!
                        We will conquer the sun
                                        seizure is imminent!

                                                                               N├ózim Hikmet

Saturday 6 July 2013

6th of July, Events

19.00 Following the press declaration of the Taksim Solidarity, tens of thousands of people will meet at Gezi Park.

17.00 People of Kadikoy and the Yogurtcu Park Forum will gather around the Boga Heykeli (Bull's Statue) in Kadikoy and take the ferry to the European Side to attend the Gezi Park demonstration.

17.00 People of Besiktas, Carsi and the Abbasaga Park Forum will gather around the Kartal Heykeli (Eagle's Statue) in Besiktas, to march to Gezi Park.

17.00 Women will rally against sexual abuse under custody, gathering in front of the Galatasaray Highschool and marching to the Taksim Square.

13.30 Human Rights Association will protest the "F Type Prisons" and solitary confinement in front of the Galatasaray Highschool on Istiklal Avenue.

Friday 5 July 2013

Taksim Solidarity: We Are Going to Our Park!

We are going to our Park!

We are going to our park to deliver the court decision by hand, which cancels the project aimed to disidentify, depopulate and concretize Gezi Park, to the ones who shut the park down to the people. We are going to our park to open its doors to its real owners, so to everyone again.
With all the colors that make us who we are, with unwavering common sense, endurance, determination and incredible creativity, we are still together in every sphere of life.
We have not given up on our demands and gains and we will never do so.
To commemorate our losses, to remind our demands and to condemn the violence that is yet to exist in the entire Turkey, we meet on Saturday (July, 6) at 7 PM in Taksim Square with justified decision of the court in our hands.
Hurray our Solidarity…
Everywhere Taksim Everywhere Resistance…

Wednesday 3 July 2013

A Poem from Nazim Hikmet - Since I've been locked up

In solidarity with all the imprisoned comrades in Turkey and all over the world!

And in solidarity with Kostas Sakkas who is on hunger strike since 4th of June.

"Since I’ve been locked up,
The earth went around the sun ten times.
If you ask the sun: “No big deal, just a microscopic run…”
If you ask me: “Ten years of my life…”
I had a pencil the year I was locked up
I wasted it away just in a week of writing
If you ask the pencil: “My whole life…”
If you ask me: “C’mon, it is just a week…”
Of murder, doing his time, Osman; since I’ve been locked up
Filled the seven and a half years and got out.
Wandered around a while, end up in the joint again of smuggling, and again filled the six months and got out.
His letter arrived yesterday; got married and expecting a child in spring…
The children turned 10, who were conceived the year I was locked up.
And the quaking, long legged peers,
Have already become one apiece wide-rumped, repose mares.
Although the olive saplings; still saplings, still children.

Since I’ve been locked up, new squares have been opened in my far away town,
And there, lives my household, on a street I do not know, in a house I have not seen.
It was cotton white, the bread; the year I was locked up,
Then it was rationed.
Here inside,
People shot each other of for a fist full of black loaf
Now again it is free; but dark and tasteless
The year I was locked up, the second has not yet started,
The ovens were not lit up in Dachov, the atom bomb was not yet thrown to Hiroshima.
The time flew by, like the blood from slit throat of a child.
Then that chapter was closed, now speaks the American dollar of the third.
But the sun has shined, since I’ve been locked up,
And from the edge of the darkness, they have risen up halfway, pushing themselves up through the sidewalks

The Earth has gone around the sun ten times, since I’ve been locked up,
And I again repeat my words with the same passion,
“For they;
are the ants on the soil,
the fish in the sea,
as many as the birds in the sky.
Fainthearted, brave, ignorant and child,
And they are who doom and create,
Whose adventures are within the songs”
And all the other,
As of imprisoned me, spending ten years
Is just talk in vain…"

                                                                                           Nazim Hikmet

Saturday 29 June 2013

29th of June

* Medeni Yildirim's funeral will be held at 10 am at the Yenikoy cemetary, in Diyarbakir.

* Abbasaga (Besiktas) public forum will meet at 5 pm and march to Taksim.

* Democratic Congress of the Peoples (HDK) will meet at the Galatasaray Lisesi at 6 pm and march to the Taksim square to protest the Lice incident.

* Taksim Solidarity will held a demonstration in the Taksim square at 7 pm for Ethem Sarisuluk, for justice and imprisoned comrades.

Friday 28 June 2013

Soldiers Opened Fire, 1 Dead, 7 Wounded!

1 Dead, 7 Wounded!

Footage from the funeral of Medeni Yildirim.

[22.00] Thousands marched in Besiktas and Kadikoy to protest the Lice incident.

#direnlice #resistlice

[17.45] Reports indicate that the villagers blocked the main road in Lice, Diyarbakir.

Soldiers opened fire on the people assembled to protest against the construction of a new military guard post in Lice, Diyarbakir. Medeni Yildirim is shot to death!